How to Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly

The average man in Okinawa who reaches the age of 100 has greater testosterone levels in his body than an average Testosterone LevelsAmerican who is more than 30 years his junior. Low testosterone levels in men are becoming a big problem. Here, I am going to go over the best strategies for quickly boosting testosterone levels naturally as well as the human growth hormone or HGH.

Keeping testosterone at the correct levels is not easy to do. This goes for women as well as men! In fact, a healthy woman’s body will produce about 300 micrograms of the hormone in her adrenal glands and ovaries each day. The same symptoms with low testosterone plague women as much as men. They become chronically fatigued, depressed and lose their libido.

This is a hormone everyone needs to work on. Low testosterone has become a big issue for men today. I will explain just why and exactly how it can be fixed.

If you are like so many other men and you do have low testosterone I am here to tell you that there are natural ways to treat the problem and overcome it. If you use the methods I provide you with you will see changes in about a day or two. That is pretty fast!

Testosterone LevelsBenefits of Testosterone Levels in the Body

Most people associate testosterone with being the sex hormone that defines manhood, and to a large extent, it does. Proper levels must be maintained in the male body to keep sexual desire and libido healthy. The correct levels will also increase sexual pleasure for both men and ladies. Testosterone does other things for the body and these include:

• regulating the response to pain
• keeping red blood cells level
• maintaining sleep patterns
• improving bone density
• increasing muscle mass

Testosterone levels decrease naturally as people age. However, they decline faster in Americans because of:

• High-stress levels
• poor nutrition
• microflora imbalances
• low vitamin D
• weight gain
• too little exercise
• prescription drug use

These create risk factors including poor immune response and increased risk of diabetes and obesity. This puts a strain on the body and lowers metabolism. My friends, this is the magic formula for Low T levels. Most people are wondering how to get off this crazy ride.

The low testosterone merry-go-round has begun to be a problem for 40 percent of those over 45. A Walls Street Journal article recently indicated that while the numbers of Low T in women are not known the cause of their pain could be connected to poor testosterone levels. It is not a wonder then that both men and women are rushing out to get themselves any type of testosterone boosting supplement!